вторник, 16 август 2011 г.

The limit does not exist

Pictures, pictures in my head. Music in my blood and I can see it. It's like a waterfall in slow motion. The limit does not exist, the red light either.

It's all written on my face, you just have to really see me. Listen to my muted  lips. Save me.

четвъртък, 11 август 2011 г.

How we muffin.

 It is a rainy thursday afternoon and somehow everything reminds me that I am such a melancholic blue person. Even the gray clouds want to be friends with me, but I don't really like them. Oh, and the music, oh the music is perfect. Only the sound of my good, old blues can make me feel at home, and less lone for a while. A few days ago, I was so tursty for some pooring rain, and some real gray, while now I feel like this whole wilderness shackles me and it's hard for me to escape.

Let's say that those muffins are pretty much the only thing I'll remember my friends with this summer.

сряда, 10 август 2011 г.

Pop of colour.

I't looks like unwardly blue has become a dominating colour in my closet. However I wouldn't let that bother me that's why I finally managed to use the colour blocking tool :D This lovely blue dress i bought from Zara and it's funny that I actually change the front and the back sometimes, depending on my mood.
I think this look is just perfect for a date (even if you are going to Mcdonald's :D)

събота, 6 август 2011 г.

Many appearances, one camera.

As I have promised you the surprise is here. Meeting different points of view of people caming from different places, people with differen backgrounds, people of different ages, people with different experience is always exciting and useful. So I tought it will be great if I do something that incorprorate meeting people, talking with them about their life and the way they see their own style. I called this project "Many appearances, one camera" and the first person giving me an interview was my dear friend Radina. Now I'm gonna let you see what it is about by youself.

петък, 5 август 2011 г.

Pin-up waves

 I had a visit by my dear friend Radina and we spent a few lovely days laughing, watching movies and talking about everything. Of course there was enough time to fulfill my project "Many appearances one camera" and I am really satisfied by the result and all the beautiful moments I managed to capture. As you can see Radina is one absolutely stunning girl and she was so kind to let me be her stylist. This pin up look is very ladylike, because of the wavy hair and the fairy blouse, and quite playful at the same time, beacase of the vivid pink lipstick.

I have one little surprise for you, but you are gonna have to wait till the next post .

Loads of love, Dessy