четвъртък, 13 октомври 2011 г.


Did I mention that I feel fuckin' different? It's just like something had vaporized from my chest and  now there is more place so other exciting, upseting and beautiful things can lead this kingdom. I like it here, I'm enjoing the awqardness of the missunderstanding, the awful food, all the lovely hair I see everyday, the seeguls, the red bricks, the wet grass, all those light and misguided eyes. I despise it and adore it at the same time.

You see, I dream about freedom. My life is valuable, valuable but small. There must be something bigger for me, something vast, but invisible. I want to jump right into the heart of the storm and to taste from everything. I want to smoke, even thought i deteste it, I want to dance untill my body falls apart, I want to laugh untill i feel pain in my chest, I want to run until I leach in the air.

I feel different.

понеделник, 3 октомври 2011 г.


I wanted to make a "wish list" of things that I want to buy in the futute, but instead I decided just to show you a few things that have been quite inspirational to me lately. Enjoy!

Bright make up
Button up shirt and lace

and again those lovely shoes in white

I've been trying to find a pair of boots like this, but  unsuccessfully. Preppy gets pretty, especially with this sheer framework.

Leapard! That's my new favourite word, seriously leaopard has gone from hated to adored now, especially when it's mached with a red lipstick. And those little stars under the eyes are just superb!

Why I never use my scarves? Why? It's so playful and charming when people icorporate messy hair with a scarf. On the other side it could be quite femininee at the same time.
Massive neckleces make the simple outfit not that boring and always give a touch of class.

събота, 1 октомври 2011 г.

New morning.

I don't know what fascinates me more about the mornings- the fact that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, people are so much nicer and cute in the morning, or just that it brings new begining and it's irreplacable when  the sun is the first one who touches your lashes. This is my favourite time of the day!

I'm oficially in England now and It's hard to say if I like it or not. The first two days were a nightmare, while now I'm cmpletely indifferent about my situation here. Anyway, it will last only until I see London, and I'm planning on visiting my friend Cveti there in  a few weeks. Unbelievable it is the weather! When I first came here I was freezing and the whole sky was cover with clouds, just like somebody had put a lid over our heads. Now... it's almost 30 degrees and I take a shower two times a day :D

Anyway... the food here is awful, but I'm sure that it just takes time to find the thigs that u need and are actually good. Everyone here think only of parties, while I worry about my course, because i have to work really hard, and about the fact that i desperately need a job, but i may not get a license soon...