петък, 24 юни 2011 г.

There is something quite fascinating about children. Nineteen years old friend of mine spends 80% of her summer time "playing" with 10 years old kids. Yesterday I went to see her, because she wanted me too meet her new friends. I couldn't hide my smile even for a minute. She said that the time she spends with them is the only time she feels really happy and satisfied. They didn't have any problems, any worries, and it was nice to listen the funny thing they say. She was absolutley hones when saying that, moreover I got the possibility to feel it by myself.
There was this little girl called Gabi that I had particular interest in. She was so lively and unstopable that I couldn't believe that there was any possibility for someone to be so energetic. Lying and betraying did not really exissted in their world. You see these children, looking at you with their wide cristal eyes, and they expect you to tell them the truth. Every single word you say goes deep in their hearts and souls and it actually means everything. Give them a smile and they will love you trully as a best friend should be love.
It is quite soon and scary for me to have children at that age, but it is absolute plesure to look at them. There might be people that won't undrestand my good frined who spends her summer time with the 10 years old on the street, playing with them, but I do understand her. I trully do.

                                                       Me and my new little friend

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