понеделник, 6 февруари 2012 г.

Chocolate Strawberries.

I've been in a mood for cooking lately and one of my good friends gave me the idea of making chocolate strawberries during our mornig jog (an absolute oxymoron).They are really easy to be prepared and all you need is dark chocolate and a few strawberries. I have to admit that after i tried the first one, just taken from the fridge what I felt was definetely some kind of romance. I hate cheesy signs of love an affection and all the silly things that lovers do, but deep in my soul I am romantic and those strawberries are something that you should share if not with a lover, at least with a good friend.

Whash the starwberries and make sure they are dry, before starting to melt the chocolate. Chop the chocolate into little pieces, put them in a plate and then leave the in the microwave for 1 minute. After that if there is need you can put the chocolate for 30 more seconds so it's absolutely melted. When you are ready you can start dipping the strawberries into the chocolate. Be carefull when you put them in the tray, so you don't ruin the beautiful effect of the chocolate. It's like you have just painted your nails. When you are ready and all of the strawberries are well covered with chocolate leave them in the fridge for at least an hour. Voila! You have one lovely and romantic dessert which you can combine with white wine, or cold champagne. Enjoy!

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