събота, 1 октомври 2011 г.

New morning.

I don't know what fascinates me more about the mornings- the fact that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, people are so much nicer and cute in the morning, or just that it brings new begining and it's irreplacable when  the sun is the first one who touches your lashes. This is my favourite time of the day!

I'm oficially in England now and It's hard to say if I like it or not. The first two days were a nightmare, while now I'm cmpletely indifferent about my situation here. Anyway, it will last only until I see London, and I'm planning on visiting my friend Cveti there in  a few weeks. Unbelievable it is the weather! When I first came here I was freezing and the whole sky was cover with clouds, just like somebody had put a lid over our heads. Now... it's almost 30 degrees and I take a shower two times a day :D

Anyway... the food here is awful, but I'm sure that it just takes time to find the thigs that u need and are actually good. Everyone here think only of parties, while I worry about my course, because i have to work really hard, and about the fact that i desperately need a job, but i may not get a license soon...

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